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Jason, Sherri, LilyAnn, Colby, and Justin. LilyAnn and Colby live with their mother. We see them once per month.

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Friday, January 8, 2010


So Justin and I decided to go to Wendy's for a snack today. Actually a snack for him and a daily dose of carbs and fat for me. But the diet Coke was very refreshing!!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Last post for OPENING DAY!

We Love the pictures!!! You did a Marvelous job and not only are we happy, but our families. Thank you for your time and generosity. We love you and your helpers (Chris too but he wasn't there)!!!

This one was cold...our bums were frozen to the bridge.
This was the instant after Justin had kissed his Momma! One of my favorites.

On the playgound...which is WAY more interesting than having your picture taken with your parents.

My favorite of all...This is and in-between photo shot! I can't even explain what was going on...I think Justin is showing his mom a plane...and I'm telling them to knock it off!

Made me cry!!! sniff sniff

Just cute kids!!!

From our last phoenix trip in November. Man I miss them. I wish they were here. Justin would have so much fun if they were closer. LilyAnn loves him. Colby loves tormenting him (them), and Justin loves being everywhere they are. Maybe one day.
He is just a turkey!!

Lily trying to corral the troops.

At the conference Center!! I loved it...it is soooooooooo big!!! And it's still too small.

Mr. Big Pants!!

First day 2010 continued.....

So, while in Salt lake, we decided to take Justin for his first haircut. I told my mom he was scared-to-death of the clippers and she said to take him to "COOKIE CUTTERS." So, away we went, each kind of scared. He got to sit in an airplane, wathc a video about airplanes, and have people wait on his every need. When the clippers came out...he went right for mom. The stylist was soooooo good with im. The clippers were very quiet and she put them up against her face to she Justin that they would not hurt. AND THEN SHE WENT TO TOWN!! He is finally starting to relax a little and now we have a final product. A REAL BOY!!! Grandpa Turek said he did not recognize him.

So while we were in Casper, we alsways like to drive up to the mountain's, just south of town, and see if we can find any deer. We had s good view this year.

We see these two doe's just off the Garden Creek Rd. There they are just minding there own business when....................................

Mr. Buck decides to show up and crash the party. He charges them, they run away, and he slips and almost meets the fence. Good running girls!

These wild Turkeys would not let me close enought to take a good picture. Funny creatures. My sister Brianna says she likes to shoot them. Must be because they are funny looking.

Yearly update...I Suppose!

Well, here we are on the first day of 2010! I am having trouble beleiving it as I just got used to putting 2009 on my checks. Anyway, here are some pictures of the last year. Most of them will be recent and I make no guarantees of any future posts.

We actually went on a vacation this year. In November, we ventured up to the great state of Wyoming. It wasn't that great. COLD to put it bluntly. We spent our first night on the road in Salt Lake, went and bought new boots because it was supposed to snow a couple of times while we we up..........nope.......no a cloud in the sky. In fact, It was sunny and under thirty degrees the entire week.

We first saw these Giant wind turbines just to the north of Evanston along I80. They are big!
Ugly too. Hopefully they are worth the money. Evanston is definately windy....all the time. And cold.....

This is Justin and I outside the hotel in Casper. Sometimes (Most of the time) we find it easier and more relaxing to stay in hotels when we visit family. Fewer arguments and hurt feelings, and we are not obligated to be around every minute
we are there. "Oh...look at the time....we have to run those errands." and then we go to the hotel to nap.

This is the first time Justin has slept in a big boy bed...at least for us. He stays in on for Aunt Kelly but for us...this was a real chore. This is the third night when he finally decided to give in. Of course, he moved around so much that he fell off so he moved in with us.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


After 19 months.........................................................Still no haircut!!!
Haven't even tried since that day. I may try to just "scissor" cut it, but I am still very reluctant. I need to find someone who knows how to cut hair for kids and maybe take him there.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Okay, Found 'um!

These are some of the latest pictures from Phoenix as well as from here. I finally retrieved them from my cell phone.

The first is of Momma and Buddy digging for Dinosaur bones at a park in Mesa. We were there riding our bikes around the stinky lake when we found a place where the kid's could dig for bones.

The next is Colby driving the go cart at Crackerjax amusement park. He loves it there. It is definately a place that caters to the "Better Off." but, once a year is good for me.

The next is the two older kids's at Build-A-Bear. Talk about a wild and crazy place for kid's!!!!! Unreal! I was able to drop a dime in there with no problem.

This is the amazing Justin who thinks that all of the "Working remotes in the house are his. Of course, he has three in the toy box that don't "really" work, so he insists on using ours.

And here He is playing with his "real" cell phone. The toy phones just weren't quite good enough for him. So he needs one that really calls 911 at the press of a button whether it is activated or not.
Well, I hope you enjoy these.

Old Photos

These are photo's from this winter. I thought they would be good here. Sorry for the delay. I need to get all of my pictures organized and backed up on disk. Maybe that would make it easier to keep track.

So anyway, We were at JC Penny's last winter and you know who fell asleep. Since I did not have the stroller I had to improvise. Now he won't even sleep in his own bed.

Not sure what this is from. Maybe getting ready to "pretend" to eat something. Very good at that.

Just a cute picture!!!!

This one is of Easter Sunday. He was allowed to make a mess and really wasn't sure what to do cause we weren't yelling at him to "STOP!!!!" So anyway.
Well, I think this brings me up to date. I will get all of the other pics organized and find out which are the latest and greatest.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Some videos

The new favorite pastime is going to the park. The first time we put him on the swing...HE LOVED IT. this is the third time. He also likes dirt, which video I am still looking for. He and Colby were diggin up dinosaur bones and he realized that getting dirty was RAD!!!! So, we try to take him to the park a couple times a week. I know when Sherri can finally be a stay at home mom, they will go to the park often!!

This is an older video, from last summer. The kids love to eat pizza and play video games so we go to Peter Piper Pizza. Of course the games get expensive but we have a really good time. So this is from last summer.

New family Pics!!

We would like to thank Ben Morrow of Eagle Eye Photography for his hard work. (http://www.eagleeyephotography.us/).

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Favorite Past time

This what Grandpa and Justin do to burn time, while waiting for the next fun thing to burn time. I actually get dizzy watching this. Actually, Justin came into our room while I was studying and wanted to sit in the chair. So I put him in the chair and he kept yelling at me to do something. I did not know what to do so he got down and ran into the office with Grandpa. Now I know what to do.

Justin and Momma

I had a really hard time finding this video. Too many programs to filter through on my computer. So, back to windows media. ENJOY!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Long awaited Pics!!

Justin and Momma! This is one of my favorites and will, of course, be all over the place.

Really, Needs No Explanation!

Momma and Justin Love Sharing Mike and Ike's. Momma More than Justin. He is having trouble picking up the concept of "sharing" as is his Father. Neither of us like to share.

Justin's first birthday cake. It is actually several cupcakes stacked and frosted. It was pretty good.

Justin eating the first birthday cake. I was not home for that one. Academy business, of Course, so I had to catch up later.

These are grandma's favorite Beggar's. The funny thing is, when Grandma has food, they are always together. Justin and Pepe that is.

Justin loves his toy box. Momma picked it out for him for Christmas. It is a giant baseball. Every Once in a while, this is what we see. The next picture is at build-a-bear in Phoenix. He has a frog, that was picked out by his sister. He loves it. Build-a-bear is a fun place but boy is it stressful and rather pricey. but we had a really good time. The shamrocks, NEED NO EXPLANATION!!! Causin Brock is in the bottom picture.